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Ognuno è speciale

The 2012 season has begun…

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…albeit with a little delay. I spent the morning or April 21st battling a stubborn weed whacker and a somewhat more feeble and compliant ground cover (results). In between mowing, letting out more string and adding more fuel, I also … Continue reading

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Fiano di fioriere

I’ve said, here, or on some “hot-today-because-somebody-said-so” social media site, that I have a vine habit (it’s not an addiction, because you have to quit an addiction and go to some sort of rehab). I tend to spin my wheels … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the homestead…

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The potted Aglianico are going through veraison. The potted Fiano are growing like mad. Some are flowering. And I have no problem using lethal force against GWSS. (Click on each image to enlarge).

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A mobile vineyard. Can it be done?

I recently re-connected with Joe, a fraternity brother. Over lunch at the Atheneum, he mused about wanting a small home vineyard, but having very limited space. I thought of the three Aglianico vines in 5-gallon planters in my back yard. … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, east of the vineyard…

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Two of my three back-up Aglianico vines, which I’ve been keeping in 15-gallon planters, have fruit. Some of those clusters (or some of the berries on some of the clusters) are going through verasion:

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