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This is not a wine review… or is it?

I don’t normally do wine reviews here. It’s not what this blog is about. Besides, the mode du temps of wine evaluation is not even in the same galaxy as the way it should be done. However, I recently bought … Continue reading

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Wine blogging is an inherently stupid and vapid endeavor

I know, I know, I know…. you’re reading this on a blog. I’m talking about the “journaling” of personal wine consumer experiences and not journalism in the Dan Rather sense (…errr, wrong example; Edward R. Murrow). Access to the internet … Continue reading

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D’oh! Lysozyme…

So, my 2011 Suisun Valley Montepulciano has not gone through malolactic fermentation despite two separate inoculations and the addition of Leukofood. The cellar temperature has been above 70°F for some time and the pH is 3.4 (and change), so temperature … Continue reading

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