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Vine Clinic: Millerandage

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Millerandage: (French wine growing term). [mil-ROHN-dahdzh  – pronunciation] – refers to the failure of some grapes in a bunch to develop fully, resulting in berries of uneven size. It is often a result of cool weather during flowering. Also called … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the homestead…

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The potted Aglianico are going through veraison. The potted Fiano are growing like mad. Some are flowering. And I have no problem using lethal force against GWSS. (Click on each image to enlarge).

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A mobile vineyard. Can it be done?

I recently re-connected with Joe, a fraternity brother. Over lunch at the Atheneum, he mused about wanting a small home vineyard, but having very limited space. I thought of the three Aglianico vines in 5-gallon planters in my back yard. … Continue reading

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Vine clinic: Leaves, Canes and Clusters.

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This gallery showcases some leaf, cane and cluster abnormalities. (the white powdery film on leaves and berries is a combination of sulfur and kaolin) Leaves: Canes: Clusters:

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Wherefore rootstock suckers?

About a month ago, I mused about the possible five variables responsible for a high incidence of rootstock suckers in my vineyard. Since both the Aglianico and Montepulciano vines are getting rootstock suckers, I am fairy sure that depth of … Continue reading

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Is this Vitis Californica?

A few days ago, I took my kids for a walk to the top of Mt. Washington (in Los Angeles). They needed to get out of the house and burn some energy. At the top of the hill is an … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, east of the vineyard…

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Two of my three back-up Aglianico vines, which I’ve been keeping in 15-gallon planters, have fruit. Some of those clusters (or some of the berries on some of the clusters) are going through verasion:

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All done

This past Sunday morning, my son and I bottled 6.5 gallons of my 2011 Suisun Valley Montepulciano. This is my 2011 Per Sbaglio Montepulciano. We blended a 6 gallon lot of unoaked wine with a 1 gallon lot of oaked … Continue reading

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