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Father, husband, physician, amateur guitarist, wine lover, wine writer, wine grower and wine maker trying to do it all within eye shot of downtown Los Angeles.

Once an addict…..

Somethings you cannot escape. Whether it’s a matter of inherent tendencies and proclivities, or “catching the bug”, very seldom is one able to completely and permanently forswear a passion. So is the case with me and wine and wine making. … Continue reading

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To the despair of my parents, I am not religious – in any sense of the word. Nevertheless, I do recognize the symbolism of religious ceremonies, observances, rituals and calendars. Take, for instance, Easter. After the vermin endemic to suburban … Continue reading

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Broke down and did it

My kids, when they want something, are very clever in presenting selling points that are likely to appeal to me: “A new computer will help me do better in school.” Or: “Playing football will help me lose weight“. It’s important … Continue reading

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So… you want to plant a home vineyard…

I’ve made some recommendations in the past about making the most out of a tight space when one wants to put in a home vineyard. But, if the reader is lucky enough to own some land and has a hankering … Continue reading

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“Proof-Of-Concept” sparkler

I want to make sparklers with the traditional champagne method, but without the additional cost of champagne bottles, crown caps, baskets, etc.  Making sparkling wines is not that difficult, and I think I can do it with with 750 ml … Continue reading

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Smells like a miracle (or something….)

In order to feed my wine making addiction (after the #%@*!ing raccoons destroyed 70% of my crop), I brought in some fruit from Santa Clara Valley this past weekend. In addition to my new love, Fiano, I bought 100 lbs … Continue reading

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When life gives you a building slump, make eggs.

In an economic slump, when housing starts are slow and nobody wants to re-do their driveway, finally put in that pool for the kids, build another tasting room or buy a post-modern, industrial-looking counter top or bathroom sink, what’s a … Continue reading

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Some online cellar tools

Found this on today: Winemaking Calculators (from Fermentation – Specific Gravity & Brix conversions, Yeast & Nutrients addition, Unit Conversion table Chaptalization & Water dilution – Sugar content adjustment & Water addition SO2 addition – Liquid SO2 solution & Potassium metabisulfite addition, Molecular SO2 table, … Continue reading

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A slow goodbye

I’ve put a lot of energy into my vineyard. I’m not even mentioning the money. The vineyard has kept me sane. It has been my escape, my solice. Going up that hill and getting dirty and sweaty has helped me … Continue reading

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This is not a wine review… or is it?

I don’t normally do wine reviews here. It’s not what this blog is about. Besides, the mode du temps of wine evaluation is not even in the same galaxy as the way it should be done. However, I recently bought … Continue reading

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