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New arrivals

Last week, I made a trip up to Northern California. It was a bit of a milk route, but I had some things I needed to take care of. My fraternity brother, Dilber Sraon, a practicing dentist in San Jose, … Continue reading

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Home-made wine label tips

If you’re going to make your own wine, you might as well label it. And if you’re going to label it, why not get creative and do something original and eye-catching. There are a number of wine label printing kits;  … Continue reading

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Living up to the name

Just a short update: Recently, I committed to a name for my vineyard: Vigneto dei Cardi. After my fist harvest was decimated by the local fauna, and with the added work of a newborn in the house, I have not … Continue reading

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The bother with bottles

I’m cheap. Plus, I open a lot of bottles of wine on a weekly basis. The latter lends itself to the former in that I can gather, select and reuse bottles for my wines. If one is particular about uniformity … Continue reading

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Here goes….

I ran out of time to test out ways to achieve a zero malolactic conversion and 1.5% residual sugar white wine by the time my Finao fruit was ready. Fiano would go well with my other two red Italian varieties … Continue reading

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White wine wistfulness

It was raining when I wrote this. Forgive me if it goes astray… This year, I will be making my first white wine: a Fiano. I have some Fiano vines in large pots, but before I put them in the … Continue reading

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Introducing: “Vigneto dei Cardi”

As I’ve worked on the development of my small home vineyard, a question has been repeatedly asked of me: What will I call this vineyard? Acknowledging that some may feel that naming an 87-vine, non-commercial planting in a back yard … Continue reading

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As I said previously, my 2011 Aglianico crop from my vineyard was lost to birds (and maybe other marauders). All I had left were the equivalent of one cluster from the vineyard and the fruit from my two back-up Aglianico … Continue reading

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So I break one little toe…

So, I go and break one little toe dashing for the crib in the middle of the night…. Then, about a week later, I hook the same toe on a table leg… I’m graceful like that. For the next two … Continue reading

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