Fiano di fioriere

Fiano in 2-gallon planters.

Fiano in 2-gallon planters.

I’ve said, here, or on some “hot-today-because-somebody-said-so” social media site, that I have a vine habit (it’s not an addiction, because you have to quit an addiction and go to some sort of rehab).

I tend to spin my wheels (not in the Bipolar way, but in the ADD way). So, soon after planting the Montepulciano, I started to think about adding a suitable (preferably, Italian) white variety.

Having been wowed by Mikael Wargin’s Big & Beautiful blend, I began to wonder if Sangiovese would do well on my site.

A quick call to Novavine led to the purchase of some back-up Montepulciano vines as well as ten of each: Fiano and Sangiovese.

I decided to keep the latter two where I live (and where it is noticeably warmer than the vineyard). Water in L.A. is far more expensive and I wanted to see how these two varieties do in this climate. I put them into planters (using soil from the vineyard) and the idea was born that I would try to grow these vines in 2-gallon planters and see what they could do.

I put in a simple vertical trellis, laid down some plastic as a root barrier, added some fertilizer and Epsom salts to the planters and watered generously.

Below, are my results, to date:

Fiano flower.

Fiano flower.

Fiano flower in full bloom.

Fiano flower in full bloom.

Fiano flower with fruit set.

Fiano flower with fruit set.

A cluster of Fiano grapes.

A cluster of Fiano grapes.

I’ll try to turn these 11 clusters into a bottle of wine. I don’t know how this will all turn out. For sure, the vines will not die and will be able to be planted when I’m ready.

Ultimately, though, I’ll be able to add the moniker of “mad scientist” (or “mad vigneron” or “mad viticulturist”) to an already growing list or pejoratives others have given me.



Father, husband, physician, amateur guitarist, wine lover, wine writer, wine grower and wine maker trying to do it all within eye shot of downtown Los Angeles.
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