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Preventing and managing volatile acidity in fermenting wines

Volatile acidity (acetic acid and ethyl acetate most commonly produced by Acetobacter aceti) can plague winemaking and, I suppose, home winemakers more than commercial ones. Even in the case of frequent and diligent punchdowns, Acetobacter can take up residence in … Continue reading

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This morning, I peeked in (read: “removed stoppers and sniffed the wine”) on my 2011 Montepulciano and I am hard pressed to say there was any sign of Volatile Acidity. In a few days, after the lees settle some more, … Continue reading

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The hits just keep on coming…

It’s been some week. The Fiano is slowing down. As of this posting, the Montepulciano will be in a carboy. But more on that long story later. I floated a hydrometer in the Finao and it zeroed out. As it’s … Continue reading

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Of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Copper.

Previously, I wrote a little about YAN levels and their relevance to successful, clean ferments. I left that subject uncertain how nutrient additions should be adjusted based on the YAN level. It was later in the week that I spoke … Continue reading

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