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101-14 root stock resistance to phylloxera compromised.

UC Davis scientists have found phylloxera infestation of rootstocks bred to be resistant to the louse. The 101-14 rootstock is a riparia-rupestris cross intended for heavy clay soils (see Herrick Guide, here). Ironically, while 101-14 was found to be best … Continue reading

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Vine clinic: Causes of shatter.

Presenting Symptom: My Montepulciano vines are showing a good amount of shatter. There are some concomitant findings: The Montepulciano is in the middle of a fulminant Powdery Mildew infection. There is also some leaf discoloration that appeared after my initial … Continue reading

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Jacarandas and June Gloom

As the growing season kicks in, two things happen in stark juxtaposition: The days get gloomy, and at times balmy. At the same time, one of my favorite trees, the Jacaranda, comes into bloom in vibrant light purple flowers. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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