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Broke down and did it

My kids, when they want something, are very clever in presenting selling points that are likely to appeal to me: “A new computer will help me do better in school.” Or: “Playing football will help me lose weight“. It’s important … Continue reading

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So… you want to plant a home vineyard…

I’ve made some recommendations in the past about making the most out of a tight space when one wants to put in a home vineyard. But, if the reader is lucky enough to own some land and has a hankering … Continue reading

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“Proof-Of-Concept” sparkler

I want to make sparklers with the traditional champagne method, but without the additional cost of champagne bottles, crown caps, baskets, etc.  Making sparkling wines is not that difficult, and I think I can do it with with 750 ml … Continue reading

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Smells like a miracle (or something….)

In order to feed my wine making addiction (after the #%@*!ing raccoons destroyed 70% of my crop), I brought in some fruit from Santa Clara Valley this past weekend. In addition to my new love, Fiano, I bought 100 lbs … Continue reading

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