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Recently, I wrote about the variations in pH readings I got with my meter. It appears I am also finding some variation in my enzymatic malic acid test results. There are a number of tests and assays a winemaker should … Continue reading

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We make mead

My grape wines are under control. VA is off the reds which are ready for MLF (if it has not started its their own). The Fiano has settled and needs a final racking. I also have small quantities of cider … Continue reading

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Call me: “Johnny Benchgraft”

I spent part of this past Saturday with Tom, an architect who lives in my area. Tom reached out to me with an interest to start up his own home vineyard. Prior to him, a Sony TV executive who lives … Continue reading

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Cutting out the green tape

For a while now, I’ve been annoyed by the sight of pieces of green garden tape scattered around the vineyard. I’d dropped them as I pruned and tied up the canes during the successive seasons. Along with pieces of colored … Continue reading

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An “IKEA vineyard”, or: making the most of a little patch of dirt

Over the course of this blog’s existence, I’ve been contacted by a few people in the area entertaining the idea of putting in a home vineyard on their properties. Not everyone has a spacious lot around their house. However, it’s … Continue reading

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