Mmmmm.... bentonite.... (from Wikipedia.org)

Mmmmm.... bentonite.... (from Wikipedia.org)

I’ve been a bit swamped and am still working on a long post.

In the meantime, for your enjoyment and edification:

“Bentonite is kitty litterrrrrr!!!……….”

Yup. That stuff for precipitating protein haze from your ferments is the same stuff that makes Fluffy’s pee-pee clump in the box.

This tip offered to you just in case you find yourself in a pinch and need to clean up a wine pronto.



Father, husband, physician, amateur guitarist, wine lover, wine writer, wine grower and wine maker trying to do it all within eye shot of downtown Los Angeles. http://www.shutupandmakewine.com http://twitter.com/Dr_Arthur_P
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