Lat week, I wrote about delayed budbreak in my vineyard. While I focused on the delays in the Aglianico block, I also mentioned that my Montepulciano started coming in about a week later that usual. So, the whole vineyard came in later than in previous years.

In my speculation about the cause of this delay, I addressed temperatures and noted that this past winter was warmer, on average, than previous winters.

CNN article published today (also in PDF format here) states that NOAA reported that the first quarter of 2012 (including March), was the warmest on record.

However, this pattern included lower than normal temperatures on the Western Coasts of Washington, Oregon and California. It is not clear if this effect extended as far south as L.A. but data from weather stations near the vineyard seem to not support that. A close look at the video above, shows a few heat spikes occurring in the L.A. area.

A larger version of the video is found here.

It will be interesting to see 2012 budbreak reports from other west coast regions.

On a related note (to the aforementioned post, at least), there is a water crisis coming, but it looks like Khaleefohneeyah is among the best prepared states.



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