Ugly? Yes. Effective? Maybe.

Shading the fruit.

Shading the fruit.

My back-up Aglianico vines have more clusters per vine than those in the vineyard.

Go figure.

I had promised my son that he could make wine from these vines. If things work out, he could get two 750s out of these grapes. However, I had pulled too many leaves from these two vines earlier in the season.

It’s a learning process, right?

Now some of the clusters are seeing some shrivel, but the fruit is not ready.



At this stage of the season, the vines shift their energy from leaf and canopy growth to berry maturation. I cannot hope for more leaves to shade these clusters. The only alternative is putting up some sort of shade cloth to temper the harsh sunlight incident upon these berries.

I didn’t want to buy real shade cloth. It’s too heavy, costs too much and comes in lengths that exceed my needs.

Fortunately, I’m a 99¢ Only shopper. The place is my go-to for whatever little ad-hoc trinkets, accessories and supplies I may need for my wine making. It helps to be creative and to have an imagination.

Looks like it works.

Looks like it works.

So, while picking up some paper towels for the Mrs., I found some mesh table runners which I thought might cut the amount of sun falling on the clusters. In the evening, my son and I hung some of these runners on the sunny side of the vines.

The following day, it appeared that the mesh material diminishes (or attenuates) the amount of sunlight falling on the grapes.

Hopefully, this will keep the grapes going longer, allowing them to mature without sunburn or dessication.

In a few weeks, the Sleepy Younger Vigneron will be able to make some wine from these grapes all on his own.

The Sleepy Younger Vigneron.

The Sleepy Younger Vigneron.



Father, husband, physician, amateur guitarist, wine lover, wine writer, wine grower and wine maker trying to do it all within eye shot of downtown Los Angeles.
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2 Responses to Ugly? Yes. Effective? Maybe.

  1. Very innovative of you and your son! It’s always nice to know cheaper alternatives to some tried and tested practices! Hope the wine turns out great!

  2. SUAMW says:

    Thanks. If I had my druthers, I’d build one of those netted enclosures to keep out birds and sharpshooters as well as reduce the amount of sun.

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