Rootstock suckers and rootstock vigor

Paulsen rootstock suckers

Paulsen rootstock suckers

Several of my Aglianico vines (now in their third leaf) keep putting out suckers from the rootstock (1103 – Paulsen). There are several factors that could contribute to this:

  1. Planting the vines too deeply (which we did)
  2. More than usual rainfall (which happened this year)
  3. Disrupting the root area (which we did when we put in T-posts recently)
  4. Excessive fertilization (which might lead to excessive rootstock vigor)
  5. Greater than expected soil fertility (see previous point)

Five variables, subject to numerous combinations and variations leads to a number of permutations that I have not even begun to grasp yet.

There is a lot of talk in  viticulture circles (academic and practical) about matching rootstock vigor to scion vigor and site vigor. I need to research this in more detail so I know what is contributing to this emergence of rootstock suckers in my vines and then know how I can control or manage that.

In the meantime, I will continue digging and cutting these suckers away and will welcome thoughts and experiences.



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