As good a time as any

Cold stabilizing 2010 Montepulciano.

Cold stabilizing 2010 Montepulciano.

I’ve had an exhausting day. I’ve been up since 4:30 am. Mowed the vineyard, sprayed the vines with kaolin, added ice to the fermenters (cold stabilizing my Montepulciano) and washed my jumpsuit and winery towels. Then, my son and I racked and sulfided the meads, racked and topped berry wines and tasted and gassed the rosés.

Tomorrow: MLF and free SO2 checks on all grape wines, sulfiding and bottling the rosés. That should keep me busy…

My 2010wines (and meads) are almost finished. This was great practice.

While they say that Syrah makes itself, I found Montepulciano to be a great pleasure to make.

It is a fairly vigorous, easy and clean ferment. The must starts out tasting like a Jamba Juice concoction and evolves into tasting like a clean, fruit-dominant Montepulciano.

Meads are as clean and easy as well – at least when you pasteurize the honey first.

I have been keeping an irregular video chronicle of my winemaking on youtube and it’s as good a time as any to link to it from this blog.

Here are some hightlights:



Father, husband, physician, amateur guitarist, wine lover, wine writer, wine grower and wine maker trying to do it all within eye shot of downtown Los Angeles.
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