Illegitimi: Germino!

Illegitimi: Germino!!!

Illegitimi: Germino!!!

Growing a plant from seeds is equivalent to Assisted Fertility: it takes a lot of time and resources and is often not going to work.

Much of the success (of IVF and germination of seeds) depends on the quality of the eggs/seeds. It’s now been a week since I prepped and planted my grape seeds. I’ve been keeping the tray in a warm place and watched the soil moisture.

Of course, even those seeds that sprout and begin to grow can spontaneously wither and die. This is not a failure of one’s ability to care for the infant plant. It merely means that the seed did not have what it takes to make it into an adult plant.



Ultimately, anything can happen to the plant before it is able to give fruit. Cold snaps, poor soils and… rodents.

By bud break, I will have replaced four Aglianico vines. Two were damaged by rodents, one failed and one was damaged during pruning and is not likely to produce a canopy this season.

All this reminds me how much work goes into establishing a producing vineyard – before any wine can be made from it.

I welcome any personal trials and tribulations readers may have had with establishing a vineyard (or germinating grape seeds).



Father, husband, physician, amateur guitarist, wine lover, wine writer, wine grower and wine maker trying to do it all within eye shot of downtown Los Angeles.
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